Hello again, thought I would come onto my blog because I'm so bored. So on facebook yet again I saw people doing confessions/ choices. And as I thought it would be good, I would blog it!!

Any scars? Yes, on my left hand between my thumb and pointy finger
Do you miss your ex? No
Have you got a bf? No
Have you got animals? Yes- a budgie called Willis
Do you love someone? No
Do you annoy people? I dont think so (I probably do but oh well)
Favourite food? Pizza
Do you wear makeup?Urmmm, hello?? I'm a boy, I dont wear make-up
Do you sleep in clothes? No
Do you wear crop tops? No because I dont know what they are
Are you loud? I dont think so
What phone? Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Vodafone. 
Are you mean? No
Talk or short?Tall
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Green or blue? Green
Hoodies or jackets? Hoodies
Heels or flats? Flats
One direction or the vamps? The Vamps
Elephant or flamingo? Flamingo
Sports or not? Not
Burger King or KFC? Burger King
Dresses or skirts? None

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