Hi everyone!

I have only just realised that the last time I blogged was in October!! My god how time flies.

Some of you may/may not know, but I am now in Year 9- (Or for you Americans thinking WTF does Year 9 mean- it is the 9th/10th Year in education, so I would be in 8TH GRADE- it sounds weird saying that!), which means in a few weeks time after Christmas I will be picking my GCSE options which determine what I will study in Year 10 and 11 (or 9th and 10th Grade for US).

These past few weeks we have focused, as a year group, on our GCSE options- one way we did that was by inviting Head of Subjects in to talk about what you could get from their department at GCSE. We have a couple more to go, and they will be after Christmas. But for me at the moment, I am prioritising my school work/homework before anything else, which is another reason why I haven't been blogging. But I think form now on, when I blog, it will just be when I feel like it.

Please be patient. Even though it looks like I'm dead from not posting anything, I am still here.