How I Film & Edit My Videos

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Today I thought I’d explain to you how I film and edit my gaming videos. 
Many people think these gamers pay hundreds of pounds for software that records the screen or video processing etc. Well, think wrong my friend. 
In this post, I will tell you how I film and edit my videos. 

To film my videos I use my Mac mini. It has 500GB storage, 4GB RAM and it runs OS X El Capitan. It is probably the best purchase I have ever made- very easy to setup and use. To record the visual element of my videos I use QuickTime Player. This is installed on practically any Mac, and if you’re like me you like your free stuff- then you’re in for a treat, Now as the Mac Mini doesn’t have a webcam or microphone I use this software called Soundflower. This software basically re-routes the output audio back into the computer so I can record both the video and sound at the same time. With this, I can still use my Output jack- which is often good so I can hear every little sound on the game I’m playing. 

In the past I have used many video editing software like Movie Maker, but with any Mac you get this software called iMovie. iMovie is a popular piece of software amongst YouTubers, however, most of them use Final Cut Pro X. After I record my video I save them to a folder on my flash drive and then I simply import that media into iMovie. Whilst the editing stage of a video looks very simple- it isn’t. Well, I say it isn’t, but that's probably because I save my video files on a flash drive. When the video is finished, I save it as a mp4 file. More often then not when I save the video with high resolution and high quality- the video comes out to be over 5GB. Now with my internet, a 5GB upload can take easily 6-7 hours which I don’t have because of school. Therefore, I save the video at low quality (I know don’t hate) and I then upload it that way (it's around 750-800MB). 

So there you go- that is how I film and edit my videos. If you would like to watch my videos on YouTube, you can click here:
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