Blogger HTTP to HTTPS change

Hi everyone,
I just read a post from Sprinkle of Glitter (@sprinkleofglitr) on Twitter about her website being really laggy or the images being a bit messed up. As she has her blog ( on the same host as me, I thought I should check my site as fast as I can.

Upon logging on it said that visitors can now view my blog in HTTPS. HTTPS is a more secure way in viewing websites- and I often dont trust sites that are in HTTP. As it has took effect on my blog, from now on (10th May 2016)- all links to my blog will be in HTTPS. You CAN use HTTP if you wish, but HTTPS is more secure. I will update links in my YouTube videos, but these will take effect from next week.

Also I have noticed my site is taking a while to load. I don't know why this is happening, so I will be monitoring it for the rest of the night and if there is no improvement I will be contacting Blogger support in the morning.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me- please go to the Contact Me page on the top navigation bar. I would ask you to comment down below but I have kinda forgot my administrator login- but the Contact Me page goes to a file in my Google Drive so I'm all ok.