Britain's Got Talent

Hi everyone,

I thought I should do a blog post on this years' Britain's Got Talent. I was meant to upload this last week but I was just enjoying my holiday. It's been a whole 10 years since the first episode/first series, and now we are here. 10 fantastic acts that have all gotten a chance to perform in the Royal Variety Performance.

On the final episode for this series (28th May) the smart man known as Ashley Banjo choreographed a whole performance showcasing some of the key acts of the past ten years. You can watch the clip below.

Like Jamie Raven said at the start, you should always expect the unexpected.

So if you are thinking of doing something and you are a bit apprehensive about it- do it! All the acts that have auditioned on Britain's Got Talent never thought they would win, but they went on the show and won it. Never give up, and always strive to your full potential.